Sunday, 29 January 2017

Precariously Precious

Strung up on consequences,
Volition became dissent..
..One's ignorance, another's decisiveness
Matter won the mind

Enswathed in grey
- a murmur of conviction,
Stormed, wayward figments
- loopholes on a loop.

Drawn-in, closed-out
Searching for answers,
- an elusive glance, nebulous talk -
Another question.

Shadows of myself,
..Or perceptions of your light?
Compelled by time,
Unraveling an hourglass of possibilities.

Act, don't react
Reminisce, don't regret
Belong to moments, not people
Learn some, unlearn more.

Lightness over weight,
Blindsided no more
Me over you
Calm, above all

Twisted logic, sane still
Adrift yet anchored
For moments 'lone
In time, one.