Friday, 30 September 2016

My Irrepressible Alter Ego

Through the course of evolution, love progressed to become a thing of comfort. A fleeting emotion, which paved its way into into happiness & empathy, laughter and kindness..almost every positive sentiment. I have often mulled over the inbred affair between love and sacrifice; the notion of selflessness...of unconditional love and positivity. I thought I understood what it meant to give, and not expect. But you see, the other thing that we learn from the story of evolution, is the overpowering nature of the will to survive. Ipso facto, this need for survival equilibrates itself into a spectrum of selfishness. No matter what human form you embody, you align yourself somewhere along that spectrum. But sometimes, maybe only sometimes, if you will it enough, you can live your own little miracle of unadulterated, selfless love; of the kind of happiness that dwells in your stomach, and makes it home. 

You did that for me, my Yodlium. You made me gain perspective, and lose anxiety. You made me accept love, and reject pessimism. You reminded me on the most vapid of days, that going in circles was in fact a way of life one could love to enjoy, if only we did it without the expectation of actually getting somewhere. You made it okay for me to not arrive to whatever it was that I chased, and just keep yearning anyway, because that obviously was the point all along.

I do not have the prescribed expertise to assert the fact that animals are sentient beings. But if consciousness is what we need to establish the existence of sentience, I cannot think of a better way of exemplifying consciousness than the ability to love something external to you; to push those primeval instincts of selfishness to the periphery of your existence. 

And you, my irrepressible four-legged friend, were the manifestation of all that consciousness. 

I hope you find a kinder world wherever it is that you are.

I will continue to strive to see this world, and myself, through your lens.