Monday, 2 June 2014


The world stops and turns,
at the behest of the green paper-

"It's wiser to choose the paper,
The trees are for free,"
- the mind proclaims fervently.

The heart makes a feeble attempt-
"But..the green of the wild--
 its power is miserably undermined!"

The venerable tussle of the heart and the head,
Has spared no soul alive;
"It's the choices we make that decide our fate;
they decide how we survive!"

But the fire in our belly is long gone..
extinguished by the ghost of insatiability;
What fuels the heft of our choices..
 is only the green of envy.

As jealousy strikes at both ends,
I am subsumed by all that's green--
Torn between the world's moorings
..and what best defines me.


  1. With the advent of technology - i was happy - a paperless office - a written communication w/o losing the green cover - i promise i will do my bit.
    i do ponder upon those childhood days - anxiously waiting for the postman to deliver the 6 page hand written hard copy from a loved one

  2. and the world seeks a rebirth , a thought for preservation of all that is ours 'outer ecology and inner ecology not of conservation alone
    the postman and the writer , the green and the green eye more a boundary but a call for that which is and that which we can make of it ...a path of silence that connects us all....