Friday, 7 September 2012

One; But not the same.

There are no names to the faces you see in a crowd. A crowd is- jostling, babbling, uninhibited. It's home to the distressed, the enthused, the desperate, the passionate,  the jealous, the endearing, -all alike.   There's an uncanny comfort that these strangers exude. It's based on the premise that although unknown, in that one instant, that one glance. .they're together. They're One. Whether we acknowledge this or not is immaterial. Because we're all inherently made of the same stuff-blood, bones, a plethora of emotions and a reasonable amount of experience(which cannot be pitted against each other).

 This commonality in itself eliminates the need for an opinion or a judgement on the character of people; their experiences, their emotions. Yet there isn't a soul who has not chastised another's character-or inspirited it. And I am no exception to this. But I can't help but question the need and justification for this- both of which are actually identical.

 Judgement is the sieve we use to eliminate the rest, and seek comfort in the fact that there are people who resemble us. That there is someone, who can validate our thoughts, our perceptions and even our character. But there is also that someone, whose dissemblance with our school of thought, can drive us up the wall. And human nature calls upon us to scrutinize that person, almost mercilessly.

But then the pertinent questions are-Why waste all that time and energy on analysing people ? Why not just be self-contained and self-content ?

Our desire to seek companionship; to find like minded people- it's this which governs all our perceptions of others.

The key word is perception. It's got the power to move you. .  to change. To break convention. To breach absolute judgement.

. .Cause you'll never really know if I see you upside down.


  1. the first few lines constantly nudged me to the commonly underlying situation of a random someone singing an alien song with absolute passion and enthuse. all courtesy being painted in the shade of "Common" amidst the interwoven voice of a large crowd...just because that way they manage to veil the perhaps embarassing and rather courageous ambitions to pass of as generally okay and not absolutely startling to anyone perceiving it....the piece later expresses the urge to find complacency in a voice-in-the-head-simultaneously-commenting-on-life sorta way....quite effortless...keep them coming....